Club Meeting on April 14th 2009

Toastmaster of the Evening Monika
Invocation Nicole
Word of the Evening Monika, Ursula
Educational Session
Table Topics Master
Jokemaster Ursula, Felicitas
Prepared Speaker #1 Michael (1): I am an Information Worker
Prepared Speaker #2
Prepared Speaker #3
General Evaluator Gerhard
Speech Evaluator #1 Renate
Speech Evaluator #2
Speech Evaluator #3
Ah-Counter Felicitas
Grammarian Everybody
Timer Theresia


Dear fellow Toastmasters,

I want to give you a short summary of our last Club meeting on Tuesday, April 14th .

Again, it was a fantastic, inspiring evening, and we could welcome THREE NEW MEMBERS: Ursula, Felicitas and Michael !!

We began a bit late – again – we should work on that..

Monika jumped in as Toastmaster of the evening and did a great job as usual!!

As an invocation, I told a short story about a mother, who is always worried about her three children – whether they do something dangerous or just stay at home. You can always see the worst that might happen, or think positive…

We also had two Words of the Evening: the first one "Neophyte" was presented by Monika and means as much as beginner The second word was presented by Ursula. She found the expression: speaking off the cuff, which means to speak without being prepared (like in Table Topics).

We also had two jokes by Ursula and Felicitas. These new members are so motivated! Thank you!! Its great to have you in our club!

Renate is back! She had a lot of work (which is good for her, of course…) and could finally make it again. Just the same, she even gave us an educational about your body posture during a speech. Very helpful, indeed!

After the break we heard Michael with his icebreaker. Wow! You could see that he is a professional. Great to have him in our club and we are all looking forward to hear him again!

Gerhard was our general evaluator which he did in his usual experienced way. His helpers were Theresia as timer and Felicitas as Ah-Counter.

It was a very nice evening and I want to thank you all for your contributions!