Club Meeting on May 12th 2009

Toastmaster of the Evening Martin
Word of the Evening Martin
Educational Session
Table Topics Master
Jokemaster Felicitas
Prepared Speaker #1 Julie: Brainstorming
Prepared Speaker #2
Prepared Speaker #3
General Evaluator
Speech Evaluator #1
Speech Evaluator #2
Speech Evaluator #3


Dear fellow Toastmasters,

I want to give you a short summary of our last Club meeting on Tuesday, May 12th 2009.

It was a very lively meeting with – again – a lot of guests: there were Judith, Arturo and Karin.

Martin jumped in as Toastmaster of the evening, since Renate could not make it and only decided on this in the afternoon. The evening was organized a bit different since there was a lot planned and we wanted to save time to congratulate Martin and present him his new badge.

We had a joke-Word of the evening by Martin who presented the word brathering and asked us if we knew what it meant? What do you think?? He finally explained it means: Brathering (like the fish)…

Then Julie presented the second part of her facilitating project (brainstorming). We discussed the main three ideas we selected last time (in March).

Then Felicitas had a nice joke for us, very funny and nicely presented (typical for her), and we had a small break.

After the break we heard two fantastic icebrakers!! Our new members are really active and engaged! Thanks!

Well, then Martin received his badge as DTM. He is Distinguished Toastmaster now!!!! We all are proud to have him in our club and grateful for all he did for us and the club!!

Please contact me or Michael, if you want to fill in an open position in the agenda or give a speech. Looking forward to seeing you all next time!!