Bilingual Humorous Speech Contest and Table Topics Contest on September 1st 2010

Dear members and friends of the Danube Sparrows,

September 1st will be a very special evening: We will have our annual Humorous Speech Contest and Table Topics Contest together with our good friends from the Ulmer Redespatzen. So we are looking forward to a very enjoyable and funny meeting held in Englisch and German.

Important: The meeting is on the 4th floor of the Deutsche Bank, Münsterplatz. We will meet at exactly 19:25 at the rear entrance in the passage between the Deutsche Bank and the restaurant Besitos. The door will close exactly at 19:30!. Whoever will be late might try to call Michael at +49 172 8790340.

We will follow the official contest rules as far as practical: The humorous speeches last between 5 and 7 minutes. They are, as a rule, quite funny, sometimes even to the extreme of being utterly hilarious. The answers to the question asked by the Table Topics Master last between 1 and 2 minutes. After each speech, there will be a silent break of 1 minute, during which the speeches are evaluated anonymously by at least five judges. Their votes are counted by the counters. At the end of the meeting, the chief judge announces the third, second, and first winner of each contest.

Each winner of one of the four contests will move on to participate in the contests at area and division level on October 16th in Munich. The winner at division level will even move on to the contest held during the District 59 Fall Conferenceference in Barcelona. At this event, toastmasters from all over Continental Europe will meet. Remember: Last year Ulm provided the division winner of the English Humorous Speech contest! Many members of our club are regularly and happily attending these European meetings.

Whoever wants to fill a role as Toastmaster of the Evening, Chief Judge, Judge (5 needed), Counter (3 needed), or Time Keeper (2 needed): Please Email Michael.


Toastmaster of the Evening
Moderation des Abends
Briefing of the contestants
Chief Judge
Leitender Preisrichter
Erwin Waas, cetero censeo, Munich
Briefing of the Judges, Counters, and Timekeepers
Table Topics Master for the English Table Topics Contest NN
Contestants for the English Table Topics Contest Diana
Moderatorin für den Deutschen Stegreifreden-Wettbewerb Bettina
Teilnehmer für den Deutschen Stegreifreden-Wettbewerb Christine
Contestants for the English Humorous Speech Contest Michael: Sharpening the Saw
Teilnehmer des deutschsprachigen humoristischen Redewettbewerbs Christine: Katzen
Counter 1/Stimmzähler 1
Counter 2/Stimmzähler 2
Counter 3/Stimmzähler 3
Timekeeper 1/Zeitnehmer 1 Monica Wäber, Munich Business Speakers
Timekeeper 2/Zeitnehmer 2

Report of the Evening

Thanks to all of you supporting our great event last Wednesday, our bilingual speech contest: Our Area Governor, Monica Wäber, introduced the audience to Toastmasters in General. Nicole served as Toastmaster of the Evening, Erwin Waas from cetero censeo in Munich as Chief Judge, Christian as Timekeeper, Ursula as Counter, Roswitha as Sergeant at Arms, Sabine, Eva, Monica, Monika, Diana, Nicole as Judges. Hope I did not forget anyone! Thanks to a press notice, we were able to welcome a lot of guests.

Bettina asked the question for the German Table Topics Contest: "Suppose you would be able to spend 24 hours with a living or historical person of your choice. Whom would you chose and why?" The participants and winners were Chrisinte (4), Diana (3), Martin (2), Michael (1).

Martin asked the question for the English Table Topic Contest: "One morning you wake up and discover, that the main railway station of your city disappeared. After a couple of hours you notice, that it has become an underground station instead. What would you think or better, what would you say?". Here the participants and winners were Diana (3), Eva (2), and Michael (1).

The only participant of the German Humorous Speech Contest was Christine. She told us some gruesome and hilarious stories about cats. Michael, the only participant of the English Humorous Speech Contest beefed up his story about "Sharpening the Saw" with body language and vocal variety to the extreme.

The winners and hopefully many supporters will meet again on October 16th in Munich.