Club Meeting on October 12th 2010

Toastmaster of the Evening Michael
Invocation Michael
Word of the Evening
Educational Session
Table Topics Master Felicitas
Jokemaster Matthias
Prepared Speaker #1 Felicitas: Active Holidays in Ecuador and on the Galapagos Islands
Prepared Speaker #2 Matthias: Briefing for a PR event
Prepared Speaker #3 Nicole: Dale Carnegie's "Stop Worrying and Start Living"
General Evaluator Theresia
Speech Evaluator #1 Monika
Speech Evaluator #2 Michael
Speech Evaluator #3 Michael
Ah-Counter Monika
Grammarian Everybody
Timer Theresia

Report of the Evening

five Toastmasters and two Guests had a fully packed and entertaining evening last Tuesday.

I served as Toastmaster of the Evening and welcomed Monika, Nicole, Theresia, Felicitas plus our guests Matthias and his friend Steffi from Paderborn. After an invocation by me, Felicitas presented her Table Topics question:

Imagine your old school buddy Emily, which you haven’t seen for more than 15 years calls you on the phone and asks you whether she and her family can have a stop-over at your place on their trip to the holidays in the Alps. Would you agree? Well, it turns out that this family causes much more work than expected and question after question Felicitas introduced a new mean trait of Emily’s family members. What a great idea, Felicitas!

Matthias, a Toastmaster guest from Paderborn, told us a joke about long words and small children. Unfortunately I cannot remember the punch-line, but it involved a little kid whose father is a surgeon at a hospital and the little kid knows such long and complicated words like appendectomy and anesthesiologist which I cannot even spell correctly.

After the break we had three (yes, three) prepared speeches! Felicitas took us on an imaginary journey into the wilderness of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. Matthias gave us a briefing on how to organize a PR event for the Arbeiter Samariter Bund. And Nicole gave her ninth speech, presenting the book “Stop Worrying and Start Living!” by Dale Carnegie.

Theresia served as general evaluator, Monika evaluated the speech of Felicitas, I evaluated the speeches of Matthias and Nicole, Theresia took the time and Monika counted the Ahs.

After a very productive evening of just one and a half hours we reunited in the Lounge for beer, wine and a very lively conversation with our guests.