Club Meeting on September 11th 2012

Open House

On this evening, guests are especially welcome. We will perform a demonstration meeting in which you can experience

  • What skills you can learn at Toastmasters
  • What happens during a club meeting
  • How much fun we have at the Danube Sparrows

A special highlight of the evening is the educational session, in which Viola will teach all attendants how to draft a speech in 15 minutes. During the session, participants will draft a speech according to her instructions and then hold the speech after the break.

Time Topic Role Person
20:00 Opening of the Meeting President / Toastmaster of the Evening Michael
20:01 Introduction of the Agenda and Roles Toastmaster of the Evening Michael
20:03 Informational Speech: What is Toastmasters Secretary Gerhard
20:10 Educational Session: How to Draft a Speech in Fifteen Minutes Vice President of Education Viola
20:40 Impromptu Speeches (Table Topics) Table Topics Master NN
20:45 Joke of the Evening Joke Master NN
20:50 Break
21:00 Motivational Speech: The Penguin Prepared Speaker Nicole
21:10 Informational Speech: The Population Pyramid Prepared Speaker Bernhard
21:20 Presentation of Speech Prepared in the Educational Session Everybody
21:30 Evaluation of the Evening General Evaluator Diana
21:35 Evaluation of 1st Prepared Speech Speech Evaluator NN
21:40 Evaluation of 2nd Prepared Speech Speech Evaluator Monika
21:50 Report of the Timer Timer NN
21:53 Report of the Ah-Counter Ah-Counter NN
21:55 Report of the Grammarian Grammarian NN
22:00 Closing of the Meeting President Michael
22:15 Talks, Drinks, and Snacks at a Nearby Pub Everybody