Club Meeting on February 19th 2013

Toastmaster of the Evening
Word of the Evening
Educational Session
Table Topics Master Viola
Prepared Speaker #1 Viola: How to Prepare a Business Model in 7 Steps
Prepared Speaker #2 Martin: The Three Pillars of Success
Prepared Speaker #3
General Evaluator
Speech Evaluator #1
Speech Evaluator #2
Speech Evaluator #3

To make you curious and for your anticipation, I want to give you a short summary of our last Club meeting on Tuesday, February 19th 2013.

We had a very nice evening with an interesting and very funny table topics session (in which we were working in pairs) and two great speeches.

Also a guest, Michael, and Matthias, a new member of the “Redespatzen” from Friedrichshafen (!) visited us.

To be prepared for the Area conference in Munich on March 23rd 2013, we also defined two contestants: Martin for the International Speech Contest and Viola for the Evaluation Contest.

Viola was the Table Topics Master of the evening and had a great and very funny idea: two “speakers” were to perform together. One speaking in the background, and the other was “performing” in the front, without speaking. To make it even more interesting, the “actors” were given quite controversial issues to perform about, like “Energy has to become more expensive”, or “Everybody should be allowed to possess weapons”. Really great, and even our guests had a lot of fun taking part.


Our word of the evening was meticulously, which means “akribisch” oder “sehr penibel”.


After the short break we listened to the prepared speeches of Viola and Martin. Viola talked about how to develop your first ideas into a business model in 7 steps – very interesting, how structured work can help you develop your ideas.

Martin, in his contest speech, talked about the three pillars of success (faith, endurance and the right “point of view”) and gave examples of prominent, successful people like Columbus and Edison.


>I look forward to seeing you next week!!