Simple Disciplines

Hi fellow Ulm Toastmasters

In further improving our evaluation skills, I use a tool you all have

You ubiquitous mobile phone

For the last year I have had someone close to the lectern simply video record my speeches

I strongly encourage you to do the same from now on

While talking, you are ideally focused on the audience and sharing your topic

You should not be trying to analyse yourself while giving the speech

Watching the video of yourself later will give you incredible insight as to how you come across to your audience

You will see yourself as the audience saw you and if a picture is worth a thousand words, how much more is a video worth?

Also you can go back and review it whenever you want to

So have your phone ready to use to record your constantly improving communications to your fellow Toastmasters

We are in Toastmasters not because we are already good speaks but because we want to become much better than we are now

I have an ideas of what I most need to improve in my own talks & communications strategies & videos help you get improve

President Ulm Toastmasters

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