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Dear Fellow Toastmasters

We are all members of TM to improve something about what we are saying, how we are saying it & feeling great confidence in the process

I set out to improve some of my own skills now as President of our club to set an example worth following

That means of course I need to improve so I have been watching some of the 1000’s of inspiring Toastmaster talks on YouTube

One area for me where I need to make the most improvement is Evaluations

Here is one very good video to explain some of the important factors of the evaluation process

Jonathan Peng includes a summary as follows –

An Opening Line

One highlight of the speech

Two things to improve on

If time remains, a summary recap

Jonathan mentions 3 areas to do differently

Evaluation is a performance for everyone present, not just the person who is receiving the evaluation – eye contact to all

Go deeper than just saying it was a great speech

Give examples to highlight what you mean

Show how the speaker can improve being specific

The possible improvements are the real feedback

Please watch it and grow, its only 10 minutes

I will occasionally post other links which I feel will be of benefit to all

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