2024, we are ready for you!

We started our 2024 with a lot of ideas for our club, new guests and two great speeches.

Our President, Daniel, gave an interesting speech with a topic appropriate for the occasion: “My virtues for 2024” and inspired us with his thoughts. Georg gave a speech “Why people like to go to McDonald’s and other misunderstanding in behavior” which made us wonder and think about our decisions.

Originally, an educational session about the use of Confluence was planned, but had to be postponed due to sickness. But Hamid made up for that as Table Topics master and the General Evaluator for this evening. Based on funny charts that show the truth about our online life, he held a mini-workshop and taught us how to structure a speech effectively. As General Evaluator he also provided feedback to the speech evaluators and reflected upon how suggestions for improvement in such evaluations can help us grow as Toastmasters.

Feedback in general is a very important aspect of the Toastmasters journey. In addition to the evaluation speeches, speakers (and the participants who filled the meeting roles) also received small feedback notes from each member and guest, resulting in a small pile of additional constructive feedback.

We wish you all start into this new year 2024 that is as successful as our first club meeting! 🎉